Divi adds a “frustration-free” feature of its live builder

Good news for Divi's live builder addicts! It just got way more productive to use In case you lived in another world, Divi is...
The Avada Theme (v5)

The Avada Theme (v5)

Avada is the most sold theme ever made for WordPress. It caps +300k sales to date, and it's more than the double of it's...
The Enfold Theme (v4)

The Enfold Theme (v4)

Enfold is a long run best seller from day-1 (April 2013). It's one of the most flexible premium themes with a solid mobile experience out...
WordPress Google AMP themes and plugins

AMP ready WordPress themes and plugins

Google rolled out AMP officially in February 2016. A year later, most people are still struggling to get it implemented on their WordPress websites. The...

Envato launches a managed WordPress service

Envato, the company behind ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, has launched their own hosting service, associated with their themes marketplace, baptized Envato Hosted. The service Envato Hosted consists on...
Christmas big sales

ThemeForest hidden gems (Christmas sales 2016)

There are some serious sales ongoing for Christmas holidays on ThemeForest, and once again, you do not want to miss that! Especially if you came...
WordPress Code Snippets

Code Snippet: How to integrate iziModal in WordPress

If you don't know about iziModal, it's simply the most beautiful modal jQuery plugin. This thing takes modals as we knew them to another level. One of...
WordPress Code Snippets

Code snippet: Build an author box

Your theme's author box doesn't satisfy your needs? or you want to have full control over your author box? This snippet is for you! I will...

WordPress defense against brute force hacks

One of my projects was under siege by some Russian hacker. He worked tirelessly to find a way to access my site, but with no success. I've...
Envato black friday, cyber monday

ThemeForest hidden gems (Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2016)

Envato revealed their Black Friday/Cyber Monday (2016) offer, and you do not want to miss that! More than 500 items on sales. With lots of...

Ramnode has 25% discount on select VPSs (Black Friday 2016)

Ramnode just released their Black Friday special with a 25% discount on select VPSs and location. The following instances are subject to the above discount: ...
Mobirise Black Friday

Mobirise Bundle for $87 instead of $233 (Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2016)

This is something that you don't want to miss. Mobirise just released their Black Friday offer, and it's a steal. What is Mobirise again? Mobirise is the...
NameSilo Black Friday

NameSilo registration and transfer discounts (Black Friday 2016)

Namesilo is my #1 domain registration platform. Why? There no zillion reasons why Namesilo is my first and only domain registrar: Offers the cheapest price. Rewards...
WordPress Code Snippets

Code snippet: Read time

Adds your content read time at the top of each blog post on WordPress.

Blogger blank template

So, you are eyeing Blogger to host your static website ... hmmm. This is a bit of a backstab for the platform ... but...
How to get traffic to your website

How to get traffic to your website: tested methods list (2017)

Whatever you're selling on the Internet, you need a specific kind of traffic that converts and sells best for what you have to offer. I'm...
WooCommerce products limit

How many products can WordPress (WooCommerce) manage?

WooCommerce is by far the most used and most extensible eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It's a powerful tool to sell products online, but a lot...
Grammarly in action

How I increased my writing skills and quality

It's crazy how many errors we can do, consciously or unconsciously, while typing. I do tons of typos, grammatical errors & spelling mistakes while writing for...
Static Website

3 trends confirming that static websites are back

Considering to build a static website for your next project but still unsure if it's still worth the shot? This list is for you! This list...
Google Ads Limit

How many Adsense ads per page can you use?

This answer was updated on August 2016. You better read it carefully because it's a game changer for the Ads industry. Adsense is the best advertising...
Search engines sitemaps submit

Search engine sitemap submission: the manual way

So, you've built a stunning website, and you have successfully deployed it. You have so many other plans to get traffic and market your website....
How many WordPress plugins

How many WordPress plugins are there?

Probably way more than you think! WordPress has more than: +54000 plugin. Lots of plugins are served from the main directory, WordPress plugin directory. The rest is...
Static websites

How I reconnected with static websites

Around 2003, I got started with coding. I managed to build basic static websites from scratch using Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage. After two years or so, open...
Fresh start

A fresh start

Yeah, back to blogging once again. But this time, I'm planning to stay. As they say, it's a fresh start!
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